Healers ARE multi-sensory heart-centered humans at ease with sharing their gifts and talents in a multi-sensory world...
As your mentor I teach you how to safely step into the flow of this divine energy with grace and ease in service to your family and community. It's time for you to Go be seen by choice, not by chance. -Michele Lessirard

Caroline Myss, in her book "Anatomy of the Spirit," describes the world behind our eyes is as important and the world in front of our eyes. I call this place the path of the Practical Mystic.
I was born and raised in rural farming community in South New Jersey (see Growing Up in a Small Town), surrounded by the spirits of nature. Today I live in Vero Beach, Florida, married to my college sweetheart, leading a normal life in an extraordinary world.
In the early 90's, I woke up to my intuitive abilities- spiritual gifts of the practical mystic. I re-membered how to be multi-sensory. Much of my guidance comes through colors and symbols- energies that I had felt, seen and just “knew” as a small child but shared with no one.
As an interior designer I used these symbols, images and colors to create spaces for clients. I started my own business at the tender age of 24. At the time I entered a design competition telling my mother "I am going to win." I knew from some deep place that it was so (and I did). There were other glimpses into this reality when I would just "know" something about a person or place, but I didn't recognize intuition or understand the process so it went virtually unnoticed by me. I was very practical...lol
After the birth of our daughter, my intuition blossomed through an intense inner healing process. Entering this dark time I became frustrated with the professionals I consulted; who did not understand the psycho-spiritual changes that were rapidly manifesting in my body, mind and spirit. Fortunately I followed that still small voice within and found the right path- conventional and non-conventional that showed me a way through.
In the early 90's very little was written on how to develop and use these intuitive gifts, yet alone how to interpret their messages. My path lead me back into the creative arts for spiritual contemplation together with alchemical work such as breathwork, dream interpretation, rebirthing, shamanism and more - each process offering up a piece of the puzzle which formed a picture, one that I embody for myself and share with my clients and students today.
1994 - Present. Artist, heart-centered spiritual teacher, healer and counselor. Working with clients and students both in a group or on an individual basis. Facilitating creative workshops that nurture spiritual self-development in women.
1981-1992  an entrepreneur from the age of twenty-four as owner and President of Bailey-Lessirard Designs/MLDA- an interior design and architectural firm of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and BLD Purchasing- a contract purchasing of furniture, fixtures and equipment for hospitality industry.
During this time I achieved an outstanding reputation as a leader in the restaurant and hospitality markets through my marketing and design skills. Major accomplishments included 22 restaurants; flagship hotels for Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotels and life care design for the elderly through Life Care Services, a specialist in retirement living facilities.
A client shared "Michele, you still do interiors but in a different way." *smile*
I am a past President of the Broward County Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Former member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Institute of Business Designers (IBD) and the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS).
State of Florida Governor's Conference on Small Business.
City of Plantation Landscape Planning and Review Board.
National Board Rep for New Product Development for the Fortune 500 companies of General Tire/Essex Wall Covering Division and Color Roll Contract Design Book for BF Goodrich.
South Florida IDG Award for Crawdaddy's Restaurant.
MLDA, Inc. firm rated in the Top 100 Interior Design Firms for Restaurant and Hospitality, Interior Design Magazine.
Restaurant Hospitality Magazine's Interior Design Award for David's Plum Restaurant.
Michele Lessirard Design Associates rated in the Top 25 Commercial Interior Design Firms by the South Florida Business Journal.
Michele Lessirard inducted into the Broward County Woman's Hall of Fame for her efforts as President of NAWBO of Broward County.
Nominated for the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Alumni Hall of Fame Award.
Ordained Minister through Universal Brotherhood, Inc.
Certified Member of National Society of Hypnotherapists (NSH).
Society for Shamanic Practitioners-founding member

In 1992, I sold my design companies and walked away from my life in the corporate world. Just as a trapeze artist lets go of one bar to meet the next bar coming at her, the artist's courage and trust in the process allows her to hang in the air for that brief second with faith in herself and the Universe to meet whatever challenge that awaits her.
What happened next is still a wonder to me.
When I left interior design, I found myself on an unfamiliar pathway with dark night of the soul experiences where I learned to re-connect with my Teachers in non-ordinary reality. My spiritual teacher called it “Soul Path Clearing”.
Since 1993 I easily travel in what Michael Harner defines as the shamanic state of consciousness  ~ a walker between the worlds. My experiences are non-traditional and transpersonal in nature, and I am passionate about this life. . . Work is play and play is work.
From Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth :
"Michele Lessirard is truly a gifted teacher. Her commitment to the work combined with her depth of experience brings great compassion,
deep wisdom, clarity, the ability to be innovative, and humor to her workshops.

We need teachers who know how to address the needs of the present and the coming times. Michele is one these brilliant and creative teachers who holds a light to help her students thrive and not just survive."

1996- Present As a leader, Michele is a seasoned shamanic teacher, who travels throughout the United States. Learn how to sponsor Michele in your area- sponsorship.pdf
Founder and Director of the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs- www.AsWeConnect.com
Marketing for Healers Toolkit- How to create a 6-figure business that takes healers from woo-woo to who's who with heart-centered profitability tools.
New Moon Journal - first published as a paper newsletter to friends and family in 1996; and went online in 2001- present.
SoulCollage® Facilitator taught by Seena Frost developer of the process.
Medicine for the Earth Teacher-  represents a way of reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Michele strives to live and embody the teachings offered in the book by Sandra Ingerman- Medicine for the Earth : How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins (Three Rivers Press 2001).
Classes in personal development at the Nova Southeastern University Center for Continuing and Professional Studies, Davie, Florida.
Touch Drawing™ Teacher (process developed by Deborah Koff-Chapin)
Lecture Series at Barnes and Nobles Bookstores entitled "Walking the Shamanic Path"
Earth Wisdom bookstore based on Angeles Arrien's' book “The Four Fold Way”
Dance of the Heart, one-day breathwork experiences
Vision*Keeping Workshops and Teleclasses
Walking the Path of the Practical Mystic Weekly Group sessions in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Stuart, Florida
BA Transpersonal Psychology, Burlington College, Vermont.
AS Interior Design, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.
Transpersonal Studies through Soul Studies Institute for MA degree
2011 SoulCollage® Facilitator's Conference Presenter
Robert Moss
DreamsGates-shamanic dreaming
Making Death Your Ally- a shamanic approach to Death
Spiritual Alchemist Training with Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
Feng Shui Mastery Intensive with Jami Lin.
Florida Atlantic University- abnormal psychology, anatomy and women's studies.
Facilitated integrative breathwork sessions with Wendy Limber, LMFT, Director of Solutions Center for Personal Growth from 1994-1998.
Shamanic Training with Sandra Ingerman, MA
2006 Graduate of East Coast Two-Year Shamanic Teacher Training
Five-Day Soul Retrieval Training -Mending the Fragmented Soul
Graduate of FSS 3- year training program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingerman, MA attended these Five-day gatherings:
Medicine for the Earth June 2001
Teacher's Training August 2002
Healing with Spiritual Light Reunion  March 2003, March 2004, March 2006
Presenter at Medicine for the Earth Reunion March 2006
Shamanic Middle-world Training with Betsy Bergstrom
Advanced Heart Centered Depossession, Curse Unraveling and Space Clearing
Basic Training September 2005
Five day Intensives February 2006 and March 2009
East Coast 3-Year Training in Advanced Initiations in Shamanism and Shamanic Healing
Two Week Intensive Advance Shamanic Training
Soul Retrieval Training
The Way of the Shaman Shamanic Journeying, Power, and Healing The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism  (3 times)*
Shamanic Extraction Healing Training
Shamanic Divination Training
Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond Training*
* Michele sponsored the Basic, Divination and the Death, Dying and Beyond Training's for FSS faculty teacher in South Florida.
Marketing Systems Training
Barbara Sher's-Write/Speak Program
Suzanne Evans- Help More People
Live Now Tour with David Neagle
Be the Change Intensive
Conversations to Cash Training
10KClub Mastermind
Kendall SummerHawk- Millionaire Mindset Marketing Coach
Certified Money Breakthrough Method Coach®
Niche, VIP & Platinum Training
Workshop Secrets
Money, Marketing and Soul Intensive, Tucson AZ
Money Archetypes exploring your Money Story
Branding with Archetypes Workshop
Elizabeth Purvis
2010 and 2011 Goddess Business School Mastermind
Platinum Secrets Training
GetClients30 days Training
Multiple Streams of Coaching Income-the Pink Spoon Method with Andrea J Lee
Blog2Book Marketing and Build a Better Blog with Denise Wakeman
Podcast Training with Leesa Barnes
Andy Wibbels- BlogWild workshop
Get Known Now Mastermind group with Pamela Slim and Suzanne Falter-Barnes
Eupsychia Institute -Alchemical Training in Soul Based Psychology and Healing
Embodying Spirit Breathwork and Conference Orlando
Breathwork Training Intensives
Initiated Inner Christ Path Mystery School
Additional Training and Education
HSW Continuing Education to maintain Florida interior designer's license:
Enhancing Design Quality with Concept Sketches with architect Tim White.
Feng Shui Home & Garden Design with Joy Dorst
Florida Uniform Building Codes / Building-Fire - CORE through FSU
Advance Courses for Indoor Environmental Quality
Building and Barrier-Free Codes with Connie Dyar
Dreamwork gatherings with author Joan Mazza, MS
Certified in hypnosis by the National Society of Hypnotherapists
Ordained Minister through Universal Brotherhood 1997- present
Certified teacher “Joyful Child Parenting Training” with Peggy Jenkins, PhD author of The Joyful Child and Nurturing Spirituality in Children.
Florida School of Construction, Licensed Florida Residential Contractor 1989-1992.
Interior designer licensed State of Florida #ID4753
Member ASID, IBD, SMPS from 1985-1993
University of Florida, Graphic Arts and Interior Design.
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